Ancient sciences for your health, well-being, growth and protection

Angelina practice Jyotish astrology since 2019.

Her teachers were dedicated astrologers from all over the world Dr.Arjun Pai, Kapiel Raj, Alexandra Karpova, Dmitry Karpov, Elena Kuznetsova, Manoj Pathak.

Whenever you are in search for the answers or solutions in life or getting a way out of chaos and circumstances or just feel ready to look deeper into your life purpose and unique hidden potential, I will be happy to analyze your birth chart and give you a consultation.

If you live in Louisville, KY, we can meet in-person or online. If you live elsewhere, we will meet online at Zoom. For some short consultations I will send you an audio recording.

The list of consultations you can find on my Etsy store, push the button “Book a consult” below to be redirected there.

Looking forward to meet with you!

“Angelina is a gifted Astrologer and reader. She gave me a very in depth reading that included birth chart explanations, answered specific and general questions. She explained everything very expertly with great detail. I loved that she also gave recommendations on how to navigate influences and to assist with decisions on important life situations. Angelina’s work is very thorough, compassionate and she is genuinely caring. I plan to continue to seek her services for my life journey guidance and advice. I highly recommend her services”.

Diane Speer, yoga teacher and spiritual coach in Louisville, KY

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