Ancient sciences for your health, well-being, growth and protection

Whenever you are in search for the answers or solutions in life or for a way out of chaos and circumstances, or you just feel ready to look deeper into your life purpose and unique hidden potential, I will be happy to analyze your birth chart and give you a consultation.

I am a Jyotish astrologer currently adding Ayurveda to my services.

My first introduction to Jyotish astrology happened twenty years ago when I traveled to India for the first time and lived there for six month. Then I continued her journey into Jyotish ten years later with the Russian-Thai astrologers Alexandra and Dmitry Karpovy. I deepen my knowledge with internationally recognized astrologers Dr Arjun Pat and Kapiel Raj.

Currently I am learning Ayurveda at Ananda Ayurveda Academy in Willowbrook, IL to pursue her Ayurveda Counselor degree in August 2023.

I am a member of Ayurveda Union of Midwest.

I am based in Louisville, KY.

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